Hazel and Knox’s founder - Sophie Blew, a self confessed travel junkie and mother, designed the original H&K Slouch bag on one of her many trips to Bali…
“After purchasing a travel bag it only took me a few weeks to begin noticing all of it's faults – the leather strap was starting to stretch, it was a bit too big, there was no nice lining…
It frustrated me that I’d spent so much money on something that lacked attention to detail.”
 She thought 'I can do better!'
Sophie asked her local friends in Bali to help bring her ideas to life.
After sharing her creation with her friends at home in Australia, they realised they needed one of Sophie’s bags in their life too.
Soon it wasn’t just about travel bags.
Sophie realised she could create the perfect Everyday Bag, Beach Bag and Clutch as well – each with the same level of attention to detail.
As demand grew, the business of Hazel and Knox was born.
Named after both of Sophie’s grandmothers –strong willed and inspirational women – classic and beautiful.

Each Hazel and Knox bag is handmade by one of Sophie's friend's met on her travels, and is made in a safe, ethical and passionate environment.